Why we do what we do

Like a lot of others, the moment that TLC show “Extreme Couponing” aired, we decided to start couponing.  My mother in law coupons and has established quite the stock pile because of it, so I started asking her questions about it and got a lot of pointers.  The first few times I went to the grocery store to coupon, I was still surprised that even with the coupons I was paying so much on groceries and toiletries.  I made a few flops with calculations, purchased things just because I had coupons for them and yada yada yada.  I made the mistakes a lot of people made.  I’ve gotten better and we only purchase what we need, if we have a coupon thats great, if not then that bites but we still need that product.  We are a lot more strict on our grocery/toiletry budget each month because we went from 2 incomes down to one.

I decided the moment I got pregnant with our son that I wanted to use cloth diapers, or at least give them a try.  The further into the pregnancy I got, my husband decided that it just sounded gross having to rinse poop out of diapers and then toss them into the washer.  So I stocked up on almost 2 months of disposable diapers with coupons.  When my husband got back home from Japan, we talked about cloth diapers again.  I pointed out that we could get them from a company in China for $5.50 a piece and there was no shipping cost.  So we decided to get 4 to try them out, if we liked them then we would get more, if we didnt then we didnt put a whole lot of money into it.  We got the cloth diapers in the mail and I was stoked to put them on my sons butt!  I love cloth diapers!  We still use disposable diapers since we only have 7 cloth diapers, but even 7 of them saves us a lot of money each month on disposable diapers.  Usually you go through 2 boxes of diapers (around 80+ disposables per box) but with those 7 cloth diapers, washing daily, we go through 1 box a month. 

I got a hair up my ass to make baby food at home for our son.  Theres no way i can convince myself to pay $0.64 per 4oz jar of baby food.  It makes no sense to me.  So I talked to my husband about my idea and he was 100% ok with me giving it a shot.  We already had a mini food processor, and had some bananas going brown on the counter, so rather then trashing the bananas or freezing them whole for banana bread, I mashed and then pureed them and froze them into ice cube trays.  That was the start of our baby food stock.  Now we are up to bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash. 


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