Why homemade baby food?

I thought about making my own baby food numerous times but never put a whole lot of thought into it after the initial “cant be that hard to do” thought.  The thing that put me over to the side of going forward with making my own baby food is that one 4 oz jar of baby puree is $0.50 each!  Maybe I’m cheap, frugal, or just stingy with money BUT I cannot see paying that price for food when a baby can easily go through 2-6 jars a day making daily spending $1-$3 and $30-$90 a month just in baby purees!  I spent $20 on a PRE-OWNED food processor, $2.00 in ice cube trays, $2 every other month in storage bags and thats all it takes to start off!  Buying produce in the peak seasons makes it so I can make the freshest possible for my son.  Yes I do make short cuts with baby foods but who doesnt?!  Canned pumpkin is the same thing as fresh except all I have to do is open a can, transfer to trays, freeze, then put into storage bags!  Soo much easier then having to do all the work to get the pumpkin to the puree point!  I’ve so far made my son butternut squash (NEVER add water to squash to thin out before freezing! it gets runny just by thawing), avocados (add lime juice to prevent browning), sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots (NEVER thin the puree with the cooking water), peaches (i use frozen since its less work), bananas (add lime juice to prevent browning), plums, and peas (i will never again make that! too much work involved IMO).  I’ve spent maybe a total of $20 on all the produce and I’ve got an entire shelf in my freezer full of baby food that will last over a month for my son!  Yeah, I’d much rather make his baby food then pay some company to do it for me.  I do short cuts for the purees when I can because honestly I’d rather not spend all day in the kitchen.  I buy applesauce in a jar (adult applesauce), I buy pumpkin in a can, I’m going to try pears from a can, and if there are more ways that I can cut corners without cutting quality I will be doing so.  Another reason to do homemade aside from it being SOOO much cheaper (even if you do get WIC you still have to buy purees in the end) is that at the end of the day, you know you are not feeding your baby any preservatives and you know exactly what is going into your baby’s tummy.  I don’t believe myself to be some super mom, but I am a pretty awsome mom!


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