Is pinterest really as addicting if people are actually doing the things that they pin?  Not nearly in my own opinion based on the past 2 weeks in my home.  Let’s start with the “make every dinner in the crockpot” buzz that’s hit the website.  It is not nearly as much fun at it is made out to be or as easy.  Yes, crockpot meals are convenient when you have a busy day running errands and such BUT if you don’t and your home all day with a toddler running wild, trying to get food prepped and ready in a crockpot at 9am is not the best idea ever.  Another, I had a yard sale find over a month ago that I finally got around to redoing, yes it looks wonderfully better than when I had purchased it, but the process was horrible to say the least!  Trying to use a sewing machine with a toddler attempting to lay across the dinning room table that I happen to be using, trying to pin the fabric together while the kid wants to play with the shiny, pointy needles, trying to use an iron when the toddler wants to pull on your dress, I think I needed a lot more coffee than what I had this morning.  And whatever mom came up with the idea of letting a child run around all day and let them “be a kid” must not of had children of her own.  I did that for one day, ONE DAY, and I felt like pulling my hair out by noon!  I wanted.. no I NEEDED wine but alas with another on the way, no wine for me so I settled with hot cocoa.  Letting a kid be a kid is nice and all if they are outside or if they are at someone elses home and im not there.  Having my kid run around yelling and hollering while pushing a corn popper through the house or chasing the dog with his toy vacuum while making vacuum noises is up there with the “AHHHH” part of the day.  I don’t mind noise, I don’t mind running through the house, but all day long with noise that never seems to pause is enough to pull your hair out. Pinterest fail on that one big time!  I will get on here again shortly either tonight or tomorrow around nap time and post the final product of the garage sale find and some other pinterest things I have put together that have turned out well and not so well.


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