Addiction?? I think so!

My latest addictions have been almost a sort of problem. It’s not drugs or anything of that sort. I just keep finding a need to buy more and more cloth diapers and I’m pretty sure we have plenty in newborn size and I should stop buying BUT I just ordered 2 more AIO’s and I know for a fact we need at least 2 more covers for the prefolds so there goes $35. If I could figure out how to upload pictures right now I would show what our stash looks like, its a mini monster currently. Diaper stash includes: 30 newborn prefolds, 10 newborn work horses with snaps, 1 newborn rumparooz cover, 1 size one thirsties, 1 small workhorse no snaps, 2 small doublers, 6 fleece liners, 3 Alva OS AI2, 5 Alva OS covers. I would definatly have to say we are almost fully set for newborn with the exception of the few more covers. I had a custom newborn and OS cover made in Serenity fabric since my husband likes the movie a lot but I wont receive those till next week at some point. Pictures to come as soon as I can figure out how to upload from my phone onto the computer. My other addiction is the need to make EVERYTHING from scratch, not just food but cleaning supplies as well. If I had everything I needed on hand right at this moment, I would be making my own newborn covers as well but I don’t have a snap press or enough of a variety of PUL to make my own covers sadly. Ive got almost 2 years of laundry soap on hand in the garage right now so I wont be making my own anytime soon but am still looking forward to it. I may or may not be washing EVERYTHING more then I probably should just to run through that soap a little quicker though haha! But all good things must come to an end at some point right? Yeah, my washer quit spinning completely over the weekend, so I have 3 options right now until the new parts come in the mail. I can wash by hand (so far so good), go sit at a friends house daily till I’m done using their washer (awkward), or I could sit in a laundry mat with all these clothes (no thank you!) so I have chosen the most strenuous but least uncomfortable for me and that’s obviously washing by hand in the bathtub. I never knew how much dirt my washer actually got out of our clothes but oh my goodness we hold in a lot of dirt in our clothes! The color of the water isn’t pretty at all and I’m not even talking about when I wash my sons laundry because OH WOW! I cannot wait till my washer is back in working order, neither can my back!


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