5 kids later…

ce you become a mom, it’s hard to find time for yourself, let alone try to get your body back that you had before kids or in some cases the body that you want but have never had.  I’ve got 5 kids, two are school age so that means 3 kids 24/7.  I had C in January of this year, J in 2015 and N in 2012.  The moment I found out I was pregnant with C, I knew my world would be turned upside down.  The age gap between my kids was magical and perfect, close enough that they would be able to hang out but far enough that my sanity could still stay in place.  After five kids, my body has taken a beating.  I was able to get back to my average for me which is 180lbs no problem but getting below requires effort.  After M (2007) and B (2009) I was able to get to a size I hadn’t seen since junior high and I was 23 years old.  After N, I was able to get down to 150lbs but I was in better shape than when I was 145lbs and had less loose skin.  I am now 184lbs after 5 kids, I wear a size 16 and C is 3 months old.

My goal is to be 130lbs and to be toned.  It’s not about the numbers as much as it is to look great and feel great when I look at myself in the mirror after I shower.  I need to love me the way I am when I am me without makeup, no name clothing, just me in all my beauty.  I need to be healthy for my children so I am able to run after them when they want to play tag.  I work out at the gym and at home.  I work out in front of my kids and in front of strangers.  I have set my mind to be healthy and I am taking responsibility for my health.  I have lost a total of 7lbs since 02/28 and I have a steady and healthy weight loss.  I hit a plateau and I move across it as smoothly as possible.

C watched me workout with a smile on her face from her playmat. N will get down on the floor and workout with me.  J will try to bring me my weights and he loves to get on the scale after I do.  My kids are my biggest support.  S is a great support as well, he is supportive as long as I don’t make the entire family go on a diet.  Which I understand that because it’s not fair for them to eat the same things I do.  I have my special meals for breakfast and lunch and only cook 1 meal for dinner that we all sit down and eat together as a family.

5 days a week I dedicate to working out.  I don’t diet much because I am nursing C but I do eat healthier with the exception of Ben & Jerry’s which is just a necessity.


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