Paid to shop without coupons on hand

My mother in law has been telling me for months if not over a year about ibotta and checkout 51.  I finally downloaded them to my phone before I went grocery shopping Wednesday.  I played around on it, added all these coupons to my list on the app and then went to the store.  I did my normal grocery shopping routine and was being my usual conscious of what money was being spent.  I am tight with money out of habit.  Not everything needs to be stretched but I prefer to be tight with finances so that when things hit the fan we can afford to dip into savings without cutting expenses somewhere and doing without.  We do without a lot of things out of choice.  Anyways, getting off topic.  I got home, put everything away and took a picture of the receipts for both apps and the few items that were required to show barcode proof.  On ibotta, I got back $7.25 and an extra $10 just for using the app for the first time!  On checkout 51, I was only able to get back $2.25 but that was still money saved.  I wont be able to touch the money from either app till it gets to $20-25 per app which is fine with me.  I like the savings without having to get dressed on a Sunday morning, load 3 kids into the vehicle and go to the gas station for coupons and then have to sit down and cut and organize coupons and sale match.  I miss it, don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy being able to be lazy about it though.  Walmart savings catcher is extremely helpful since I don’t have to sale match anything.  Go ahead and give ibotta and checkout 51 a shot, it’s definitely worth it, that’s for sure!


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