Debt Free: It’s possible

Last time I wrote, I had posted the accumulated debt we had acquired in such a short time frame and how I had plans to eliminate it.  We were paying a monthly fee to a storage facility and they had raised our rates for the third time in a 14 month period.  Rather than continuing to throw away money on a place to hold my husbands tools, which he needed at the house, we decided to get a shed.  Obviously that added more debt ontop of the debt we already had.  My car also broke, it needed a new clutch.  My husband does all the car maintenance in our backyard rather than paying someone to do it for us.  Well, the clutch was installed but the transmission doesn’t want to go back in.  Our oldest son starts school on Monday and my husband can’t take off work every weekday to be able to take him to school and pick him up from school.  The bus does run out here but we agreed it would be better to take him to and from school because of what time he would need to be awake in the mornings.  So we also got a new, used car.  Adding even more debt for us.  Life seems to continuously throw stuff our way.

Debt May 2016:  $95333.40

Debt July 2016: $120261.70

Added debt since May 2016 had been $24928.30! That is a lot of added debt in such a short time frame! I have managed to get some stuff under the max amount on credit cards and that is always a plus in my book.  One card has been completely paid off and pushed to the back of my wallet, hidden in business cards. By the end of September there will be another card paid off.  I removed my subscription to Ipsy since it was such a frivolous monthly purchase and not at all needed.



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