Almost halfway through the month

We started off this month with $120261.70 in debt.  I haven’t made much of a dent in the debt total but I have been able to drop it down to $120132.55.  It’s not much but it’s been 3 cards paid on and the mortgage paid for the month.  Mortgage has been over paid, the cards have been paid on but I foolishly did not remove them from my husbands wallet so he has had access to 2 of the 3.  My intentions are to pay over $1000 on one card, our lowest balance with the 2nd to lowest interest rate.  So far I’ve paid $96 to that one card but he has used up a good chunk on one of our other cards.  I’ll blog again in a week or so and update again with the debt deduction.  I also have been stalking my credit score and I’m ashamed to say that it has plummeted.  I now also need to focus attention to bringing that back up as well.  Oh the joys of being an adult in this day and age.


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