Down like we’re supposed to be..

Well I am not proud and am unable to toot my own horn this month.  We are down on combined debt but only down by $328.50.  I know that that is something to be proud of yes, but for me it is something to sneer at because that is far less than what was expected.  I guess I should plan my goals more modestly this time and see if we can come out on the top and with much better results for the month of September.

First goal:  Pay off $500 on the smallest card.  If we are able to afford to do so, pay off more.

Second goal: remove money from our joint checking to pay extra on our debt.

Third goal: add $200 to savings by the end of the month so we can use savings rather than add debt onto the cards again.

I have saved us $90 in our savings account this past month.  Just adding what is left over the night before payday straight into savings and its working great. Slowly but surely we will have a nice amount in there for us to have a cushion should something happen.

We started August with $119913.10 in debt and $0 in savings.  We are starting September with $119584.60 in debt and $90 in savings. Priorities need to be back in place this month and our minds focused!!!! I’ll blog again in a few weeks to give a halfway point update on progress.  Hopefully it is for the better this time. 🙂


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